Statement regarding “Jesus and the Quran”

The “Jesus and the Quran” (referred to as JAQ) learning lab is a chance to see how one ministry is reaching out to Muslims with the message of Jesus Christ.  Some important notes about this learning lab are as following.

  • JAQ does not view the Quran on an equal level with the Bible.  JAQ believes that the Bible is the only innerant inspired Word of God, the Quran is not (John 17:17; 2 Tim. 3:16,17; 2 Peter 1:21) .
  • JAQ uses the Quran as a starting point for introducing Muslims to Jesus from a point of reference they understand and then point them to a true understanding of the true Jesus.  This true understanding is not found in the Quran but can be helpful in initiating a search for the real Jesus of the Bible (Acts 1:8; 17:22-31) .
  • JAQ is absolutely  not seeking to form some hybrid form of Christianity with Islam and reject the tenets of so-called “Chrislam.”  They are seeking to go to Muslims to have a beginning dialogue that will allow Muslims to come to know Jesus as Savior as revealed in the Bible (John 14:6;  John 3:36; Matthew 28:19,20).
  • There may be points of disagreement about the methodology of JAQ but JAQ people are committed evangelical followers of Christ who are trying to reach out to Muslims with the sole purpose of bringing them to Christ (Acts 9:15;  Acts 10) .
  • The purpose of visiting a mosque is so that followers of Christ can be exposed to some of the practice and culture of Muslims in order to better understand them, and thus to be better equipped to dialogue with them about Jesus and the truths of the Bible. “Temple Trips” are not used to form a bridge of acceptance with Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus, but rather as a means to open a path for leading them to Christ (John 10:8,9,27; Matthew 7:13) .